What is a Denver house mouse's natural diet?

Looking at the smart movement of a Denver mouse, their jumping ability and readiness to climb, you will wonder what this little creature eats that gave it such energy. While other animals either eat food from plant or animal, the mouse usually eats both. It is omnivorous in nature and normally eats basically anything that comes on its way. Anything edible is just a good food for mice but, there are still some foods mice like to eat in nature. When you use any of the natural foods as bait the chances of catching mice will increase by so many percent.

Mouse love to eat fruit by nature
Whether in wild or urban Colorado mouse usually get attracted to fruits, which is one of their main natural foods. When it find itself in the wild, it will likely look around for fruit of different types. Also, if mouse sight fruit in your house, it will try everything possible to consume it. Therefore, fruit can be used as bait in mouse trap.

Grains and seeds are among the natural foods for mouse
Grains and seeds are among the natural foods of a Denver mouse, you need to know about. They eat grains of different types including rice and others. They are also attracted to seeds both in the wild and urban. In the absence of grains, seeds or fruits, mouse can eat anything that comes its way.

Mouse as omnivorous animal
Being omnivorous in nature, a Colorado mouse can eat virtually anything called food. Anything edible can be consumed by mouse. It can eat foods both from plant source and animal source. Living your meat uncovered when you have mice around is a grave mistake that can result to regret at the end of the day as the mouse will definitely eat the meat.

What mouse usually eat when there is scarcity of food
One thing with Denver mice is that they do not go hungry for any reason. Due to their large appetite for food they usually eat 15 to 20 times daily. Even when there is nothing called food around them they will begin to eat themselves to survive the hunger.

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